Associate Companion

Associates of the Ecumenical Order of Charity are men and women, lay and ordained, who desire to deepen their commitment to following the path of Christ by entering into a formal relationship with the Order.

An individual who supports The Founding Document of the Order and wishes to participate in the daily life of the Companions without taking vows may become an Associate Companion, either at-large or as part of a particular House of the Order, as mutually determined by all parties involved. Associate Companions do not wear the habit or the medallion of the Order and do not use the title Brother or Sister. The Associate Companion receives a pin to symbolize his/her affiliation with the Order.

Associate members, following the precepts of The Founding Document, develop a "Rule of Life." The purpose of the Rule of Life is to strengthen union with God by bringing order and discipline to one's life. The Rule helps individuals to offer themselves to God and assists in keeping the heart open to God's love and will in his/her life.

Anyone wishing to become an Associate may submit a written request to the Associate Program Director or to the House Coordinator to which they will be attached.

The acceptance of an Associate Companion is formalized by the Service of Acceptance.

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The Rule of Life for Associates is invited to include some form of daily prayer (according to the manner of the House with which s/he is affiliated). Prayer puts one in closer union with God.

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Through this union, we find fulfillment in the offering of adoration, thanksgiving, and petition for personal needs and the needs of the world. Associates are encouraged to begin and end each day with prayer. One half hour of silence per day is desirable for personal prayer and meditation.

Life is a sacred gift from God. Care of the self (body, mind and spirit), including rest, relaxation, refreshment, and attention to the obligations of one's personal life, are essential to healthy living. Each Associate is obligated to care for him/her self in a manner denoting a reverence for life.

Periods of silence and reflection are an important part of the spiritual life, therefore, Associates are urged to make a two-day retreat each year. By setting aside the concerns of the world and withdrawing into purposeful silence, individuals are better able to hear the voice of God's Holy Spirit.

Each year, Associate Companions are encouraged to make a verbal or written report to the House Coordinator of the House to which they are attached. The report is a reflection on the individual's experiences as an Associate during the past year.

Participate actively in the life and work of the Ecumenical Order of Charity.
Are remembered daily in the prayers of all the Companions of the Order.
Are always welcome to attend the General Assembly and Days of Renewal as non-decision making guests.
We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin or sexual orientation

All inquiries should be addressed to Brother M. Guadalupe.