Brother Mark Elliott Newman, OC

Brother Mark professed his first vows on May 14th, 1998 during the Order's Days of Renewal. He is a registered nurse and works as the director of behavioral health at a Phoenix area hospital. Raised in the Roman Catholic Church, Brother Mark studied for the priesthood with the Franciscans in New York and Guadalajara, Mexico. He has since become active in the Independent Catholic Movement and was ordained to the priesthood in the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch. In 2002, Brother Mark was consecrated to the episcopacy and in April of 2009 he was elected as the Presiding Bishop of the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch. Brother is a Reiki Master-Teacher and has a special interest in the ministry of healing. Because of his interest in this subject, he was commissioned for healing. Brother Mark lives at Sophia House in Phoenix and is the Order’s Servant Leader.

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Sister Patricia Eugene Galileo, OC

Sister Pat was born in northwestern Ontario, Canada and graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec as a physical therapist. After the death of her first husband, she came to live in the United States, moving with her four children to Phoenix, Arizona. During the course of her career, she has moved around the country, finally returning to Mesa, Arizona in 1999. Sister was ordained an independent Catholic priest in May, 2000 and was incardinated into the Church of Antioch in December, 2000.

Sr. Pat currently works as a physical therapist in a nursing home in Payson, Arizona. Sister Pat professed first vows in May of 2002 and is attached to Sophia House. Sr. Pat serves as the Secretary for the Order.
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Brother M. Guadalupe Hardin, OC

Brother M. Guadalupe was born and raised in Dodge City, KS. Raised a devout Roman Catholic, he served over 9 years in Religious Life, most notably as a Franciscan Brother. He has been involved with the Maronite Rite, but now is a member of the Episcopal Church. He feels called to a Healing Apostolate in all its forms, and works full time as a X-Ray Technologist and Medical Assistant.

Brother professed First Vows at the Order's General Assembly of May, 2003. He resides at Caritas House in Wichita KS with his cat, Domenic.

Brother M. Guadalupe is thankful to God for having been led to the Ecumenical Order of Charity and feels very blessed to share the journey with his fellow Companions.

Brother Dennis McCoubrey, OC

Brother Dennis was born in 1946 at the beginning of the “baby boomers” era. He was raised in Detroit when there were distinct ethnic neighborhoods and when life was good. It was a time when a “good respectable kid” could skip school, go downtown and catch a movie without fear.

In 1968 Brother Dennis entered St Lawrence Seminary in Mt Calvary, WI. The seminary was run by the Capuchins and provided the exposure needed to realize that at the ripe old age of 21 we could actually change the world and bring an unjust war to a just end.

Reality set in and Brother Dennis married and fathered 4 adorable children. Raising them was a continuous job and still is for that matter. In 1992 he acquired a new best friend/sister in the form of his former wife. Although divorced they have been able to create a bond that serves them and the children well.

In May of 2008 Brother Dennis entered his novitiate year with the Order of Charity and subsequently professed his first vows during the May 2009 General Assembly. Brother Dennis completed his seminary studies through Sophia Divinity School and was ordained to the priesthood in 2009. He currently serves as pastor of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church of Antioch in Phoenix AZ.

Sister Bethany Mary Konrad, OC

Sr. Bethany Mary was born in the state of Queensland in Australia in 1949 and grew up in a thriving small sugar town. She was educated by the Sisters of Mercy all through Primary School, High School and her first four years of Nurse Training to become a Registered Nurse. She went on to train as a Midwife in Melbourne and found she had discovered her place in Nursing in working with mothers and babies. Sister continued on to England for a working holiday and completed her District Nursing Midwifery there as there was no such thing in Australia. After 2 years abroad she returned home and then soon after did her Maternal and Child Health Community Training. Mothers and babies has been the career path that Sister has loved over many years and she is passionate about society putting all it can into building nurturing resilient families.

Sister Bethany Mary married and has 2 birth children, a son and a daughter, both now adults. She also is mother to two stepsons, who are married with children, so she is now also a grandmother. She feel blessed in having a very close connected family, and though now separated from her husband, they remain married and keep in touch weekly.

Over the years Sister has worked in Hospital Visiting and taking Communion to the sick and with St. Vincent de Paul as well as being very involved in other areas in the School/Parish Communities. She retired early from her work due to a chronic health condition and now does some Hospital Visiting as well as taking calls from people dealing with chronic health conditions. Sister finds she does not have to go looking for things to do as The Almighty has a way of sending things her way as The Almighty sees fit, and she finds family life still a fulltime function.

As a girl at school, Sister Bethany Mary could remember hearing about three things which have grown over the years to be the impetus in her living out her life in whatever circumstances she finds herself; Practicing the Presence of God; the awareness that we are all Members of the Mystical Body of Christ and hearing about St Elizabeth of Hungary having the image of the face of Christ appear to her as she undid the cloak of a poor person to whom she was giving care.

While looking for a deeper foundation in her spiritual life, Sister came across The Founding Document which she says is both a “clarion call” and also a “setting of the seal” on what she was looking for as a way to grow more fully into living out the great first commandment that Jesus gave us. She remains a practicing Roman Catholic but is very interested in all people knowing they are children of God no matter what denomination or religion they come from. She believes in the saying of Rumi, the Sufi Mystic in his saying “The current of love from the One God is flowing throughout the entire universe. Each person is a current of the Essence of God which permeates him”. Sister is deeply delighted to have been professed as a Companion and to be travelling the path now with the other Companions and Associates of The Ecumenical Order of Charity.

Sister Bethany Mary resides in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and is the Order’s first Australian Companion.

Brother T. Mikel Francis Hand

Brother Mikel entered the community as a Postulant on May 8th, 2011 and began his novitiate on May 18, 2012. He is a registered nurse and holds advanced degrees in nursing and education. He has been practicing for 22 years and has been teaching at the university level for the last 8. He recently began a new position in 2011 at a public university in Southern Indiana. He currently resides in Jacksonville, IL with his 2 co-postulants: Princess, a 13-year-old cockapoo and Sparky, a 5-year-old Schnauzer mix. They provide him with much love, humor, and a great spiritual grounding in terms of what is important in life.

As a convert to Roman Catholicism 20 years ago, Brother embraces the traditions and ritual of the church, but also seeks out the beauty of inclusion and multiple paths to seeking God. The call to religious life simply would not go away, but kept getting stronger. He is grateful to have found the community and looks forward to the challenge, adventure, and growth of the formation journey. It is his firm belief that the closer we are as a community to God and the Trinity, the closer we are to one another.

Brother Daniel Snyder, OC

Brother Daniel lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was previously a member of the Carmelite Order and was subsequently ordained a Roman Catholic priest for the diocese of Kalamazoo, Michigan. He left public ministry and completed a doctorate in psychology and became a licensed psychologist. After years of private practice, he now serves in an administrative capacity in Community Mental Health in Grand Rapids. Brother Daniel also teaches graduate courses in psychology. He is a member of the Basilica of St. Adalbert Parish in Grand Rapids, and considers himself to be a progressive member of the Roman Church. He has studied spirituality for years and believes in a multiplicity of paths to the Holy One.

Brother Daniel had been searching for a long time for “something more” in spiritual life, and was extremely happy to find the Ecumenical Order of Charity. When he read the Founding Document, he couldn’t believe it; what he had been searching for a long time was beautifully expressed in that Document. It immediately felt like home – not exactly a common experience for a psychologist! He is happy to share his spiritual journey with the other members of the Order.

Brother Daniel lives with his life partner, John.